Parcellation has just started in Breeze de Mar project.

In the latest team meeting with our head engineer, construction manager, architect, technical crew and a representative from the municipal, a decision is taken to start up the parcellation and start the construction site. Parcells and Piles are set according to the site plan.

50% shares of the strip plaza shops are on sale.

Commercial lots of Breeze de Mar - Orlando in Florida USA will be on sale at 11:00 on October 21 2017. The first phase of the project will be completed by December 2018. Commercial units will be on sale with a starting price of 250.000 USD. They will be fully equipped and in turnkey bases. If you are interested, please contact Breeze de Mar sales offices.

We are in Growthspotter!

One of the most important real estate magazines of the region Growthspotter has news about Breeze De Mar in their latest issue.