We are investing in our future with our experience. GAOK INVEST is a holding company based in the USA, with international companies in it.

At GAOK INVEST, our goal is to expand and improve our existing long-term real estate portfolio, focusing on the US market. Our portfolio consists of 60% residential and 40% commercial real estate. Our investments are 30% in Germany and 70% in USA. We focusing on the main real estate markets, we see a sustainable rise and we want to achieve an increase in equity profitability.

GAOK INVEST, which is one of the dynamic companies in the sector with its strong portfolio and financial structure, is focused on the aim of providing the best risk/return balance to its investors with its balanced portfolio structure.

With its quality portfolio, strong equity and funding opportunities, GAOK INVEST aims to advance its position in the sector by increasing its growth momentum.

GAOK INVEST with all this qualifications; Pursues market dynamics, supply demand balances, new developing regions and attraction centers in line with its targets and continues to search for projects in metropolitan areas with investment potential.